A band mostly known due to the fact that Brent Hinds of Mastodon fame was in it before Mastodon formed. Its an odd mix of surf, rockabilly, and even some bluegrass and its a very different sound from just about everything.. ..I decided to let people download their music because its just plain impossible to find ANYTHING at all by them as there weren't very many copies of the CD made and were only available in the Atlanta area. After looking for like a year, i managed to find a dude that had the album and he was kind enough to send me the files. I'll put up different songs over time and I'll take requests. If anybody happens to have any pictures, bootlegged live stuff, or any thing else like that, just get a hold of me. Send a link too, I'll credit anyone who sends anything... ..This is a story that someone posted on in feburary 2007, it gives a little story about it the album.....'s where i got my copy lastyear.. brent opened the sleeve to the cd before the chicago gig last year, points and says, "you see that right there?" *points to the pic of him playing* laughs and says, "i still have on that same bracelet!" and showed it to me and the others sitting at the table in the bar beside the metro. i told him where i got it and he said he hadn't given them permission to do more pressings, he seemed a bit upset but not at me, and he even asked if i'd like for him to sign it, which of coarse i did he said the album cover was a painting he had done. i asked him about the lyrics, i said i can't find them anywhere, in which he replied......" that's because there aren't any." he said they were pretty much done on the spot. i also think it's an incredible album. vocals, music and the visuals, too bad the sleeve didn't have more pictures than what it did.